Isnae, wouldnae, couldnae.

I’m neck deep in editing my next book, which is (spoiler alert) a historical romance set in medieval Scotland, and I’m currently adding regional dialect, Scottish slang and character vernacular. As it stands, the book is about 90,000 words, making it the longest I’ve written…

There are many things about my new country of residence that I find fascinating, not the least of which is Scotland’s Statutory Access Rights, also known as the Freedom or Right to Roam. Broadly speaking, this allows people free access to the countryside for recreational purposes, regardless of who actually…

In my previous life I worked in a digital/creative field, which meant that I had a decent regular exposure to the Adobe suite of products. So, when it came to creating covers for my books, I decided to give it a go myself rather than jump straight to a professional…

Darcy Armstrong

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